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The daVinci Group
The daVinci Group is a self-assembled collection of faculty, plus interested non-faculty associates, drawn primarily from Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) basic science departments located on the Cambridge campus: Physics, the Division of Engineering & Applied Sciences (DEAS), Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB), Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (OEB) and Chemistry.

A core activity of this Group has been, and will continue to be, development of the new EPB track for PhD training. daVinci Group faculty comprise the teachers and mentors of the program in all of its various aspects and daVinci Group activities (e.g. Monthly Lunch) and designated seminars of interest) provide a core of events of specific interest to EPB students. We anticipate that the daVinci Group and its EPB students will comprise close-knit, highly interactive community devoted to the intellectual goals described in the Introduction and Overview.

For descriptions and research interests of daVinci Group members and descriptions of daVinci Group mission, activities and future plans, see the daVinci Group sections of this web site (highlighted in blue above).

FAS science faculty
EPB students will also have broad access to other Harvard University faculty, particularly those in FAS. The EPB track is unique among all of the PhD programs in Harvard University in that students will enter through three different FAS entities: Physics, MCB or DEAS. Thus, each EPB student will also be a member of a second scientific community as provided by this "host department". The special qualities, resources and facilities of these and other FAS science departments can be found on the corresponding web sites:

Host Departments:
Molecular and Cellular Biology:
Engineering & Applied Sciences:

Other FAS Departments:
Organismic and Evolutionary Biology:
Chemistry and Chemical Biology:

2005 daVinci Group retreat. For additional images explore the Retreat Program & Photos section.